A vibrant impressionistic painting of people in a boat in front of a city that has green comets flying above it.

The Painting of Skyfall

Since this is primarily an art site, I figured my first post should be about one of my paintings!

A vibrant impressionistic painting of people in a boat in front of a city that has green comets flying above it.
Skyfall, a painting by Sam Perin.

We’ve all been scared at one point or another in life. We’ve all had that feeling that something is creeping up behind us, something terrifying and beyond our control. That feeling is related to what I wanted this painting to portray.

On the surface it depicts green comets raining down from the sky over a large city. There are people huddling in a boat, presumably a couple, and they are watching on as the city roars to life. I was trying to create a sense of fear and lack of control. The comets raining down, looming over the city, help to fortify this idea. But then, you come to the sudden realization that the comets are just in the sky, they aren’t actually raining down on earth. You may start to view them as beautiful, remarkable, perhaps even humble. Everything comes into focus, and perhaps you see the terrifying beauty of the world in its purest form. That is what this painting is about.

Terrifying Tranquility

I painted this piece while I was going through some hard times. I was trying to hold on to hope as things around me were changing rapidly. Someone very important to me had walked out of my life, and I didn’t know how to deal with the repercussions of such an event. So, Skyfall was born. I felt almost hopeless at times, but I kept trying to claw my way back into a sort of peace of mind. This painting is a representation of emotional turmoil and conflicting ideas. It’s so violent and harsh, yet oddly brings the viewer at ease. It’s a confusion. A befuddled musing of our emotional mind.

This painting served its purpose, and helped me come to terms with what had happened. It was my phone background for a wee bit of time, but now I’ve moved forward in life, just as the people in the boat were looking towards the future.

So, how did I do it?

I painted this painting in an app called ProCreate (I have no idea what they were thinking when they named this app lolol). As I post more, it’ll become pretty apparent that I use this app a lot. While I also do traditional painting and sketching, I primarily do digital works because of the portability and freedom it gives me to work wherever and whenever I want to.

This painting actually started out as a random hand reaching out into the sky. However, I ended up scrapping the idea and going with a city, because I just really like cities 😀  (The hand did become a painting later, though. But it took on a pretty different form.)

As with most paintings I began with the sky, adding the clouds and layering forward as I went. I added lighting effects last. I opted to use the color palette that I use for most paintings. The comets were chosen to be green to bring balance to the similarly greenish plants that are near the base of the city in the lake. The orange lights bring the city to life, and make it almost feel alive.

Here is one of the first steps I took. Starting with the pink buildings in the back, I continued to go forward and add buildings, building them up to the front of the composition. I used a color similar to the horizon for the furthest buildings to account for atmospheric blur, and then I made them slowly become more “Building Colored” as they moved forward.

I then added high contrast lighting to the buildings to make them stand out, and I also added the plants in front, as well as created a reflective effect in the water. I also glazed over the entire bottom of the city with a gradient of yellow to orange to create the soft glow of the city lights.

Next came the clouds and the shadows. (I also decided to add the boat with the people here!) They weren’t really planned, but it just kinda happened. I added very dark shadows to the bottom of the trees to contrast them from the lake, and I added zig-zag patterns of dark shadows to the lake itself to make it feel more like an actual lake.

Finally I finished up by adding the glowing comets, the people, a reflection of the boat in the water, and a few finishing touches on lighting to make the composition really tie together. Then it was all done!

This painting didn’t take too long to make, but it has a really  powerful meaning behind it, and even though it isn’t my most technical painting, it still stands to this day as one of my very favorite paintings I’ve ever done.

I hope you guys like it! I don’t really know what the next article will be about yet,  but it’ll probably be out later this week or next week.

Thank you so much for reading! Have an amazing day and follow your dreams!




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