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  • A profile portrait of a woman in a white outfit that is from Victorian times.

    A Portrait

    I painted this profile from my imagination for fun. I was heavily inspired by artists like Zorn and Sargent and also by Victorian and Gothic influences. I tried to focus on movement and used lost and blurred edges to create a sense of motion in the piece.

  • A painting of a dark hallway with a bright red light on a night stand.

    A Still Life

      Recently I painted this still life in a hallway. It took around 3 hours to complete. I really tried to focus less on rendering tightly and more on capturing “the feeling of light”. I think as an artist it is really important to understand how light works, feels, and reacts to different surfaces. I tried to keep the brush strokes really loose and sketchy in this one. I was…

  • A plein air painting of a tree with pink flowers over a river in front of a field on a sunny day.

    Plein Air Painting

    This is a plein air painting I did in Bloomington Indiana. I thought that the location was really pretty so I decided to sit down and paint it. It took around four hours to complete in total. I really tried to focus a lot on composition in this one.