My Services

What I Do

Pet Paintings

I’ll paint a commemorative picture of your favorite pet or pets!

Logo Design

I’ll design a logo or other business material for your website, business, or startup.

Character Design

I’ll bring your character ideas to life as concept sketches or full paintings!


I’ll paint a portrait of you or your loved ones!

Custom Tshirts and Phone Cases

I can create and order custom merchandise for you.

Freelance Writing and Web Consulting

I’ll write something for you (technical, creative, and essay writing welcome), or I can help you optimize your website.

Please note that these are just a few of the things I can do. If you have an idea for something specific you had in mind, please don’t be afraid to contact me about it, thanks!

What I Don't Do

Racist and Sexist Pieces

I will not paint or write anything that is racist, or involves the segregation or demoralization of a group of people.

Illegal Pieces

I will not paint or write things that would otherwise be illegal to create. For example I won’t do copyrighted material for commercial use, and will not paint anything that promotes illegal behavior in a positive light.

Malicious Pieces

I will not paint or write anything that’s purpose is to be mean to or berate another person or group.

How It Works

I want to make the commission process as easy as possible for you! There are only a few general steps.

  • Contact me via my various contact methods found here.
  • In the contact, list your name, your email, your request, and provide any materials I may need.
  • I will respond to you within a few days with a price, and more information regarding the commission.
  • Once we get everything squared away, I will begin the commission, and we’re good to go!



I accept payment through Paypal or other secure methods of payment.  In order to protect everyone, for most online commissions I ask that half be payed upfront before the commission is begun. If Paypal is not possible, I’ll work with you to try and figure something out.


Thank You so Much for Your Time and Consideration!