A painting of a girl who is falling apart into vibrantly colored galactic puzzle pieces.

July’s Artwork Showcase

Well, seeing as the end of July has just passed, I’d figured it’d be fun to go over some of my favorite paintings that I completed this month. In today’s post, I’ll go through and explain my thought process behind each work, and what they mean to me overall. So, let’s get into the paintings!

A painting of a refugee woman holding her two children in debris surrounded by vibrant candles.
A woman holding her two children in debris, by Sam Perin.

The first painting I completed in July is the one pictured above. Like a lot of my paintings, it doesn’t really have a specific title (I don’t title my paintings because I want them to be left open so people can experience them however they wish). However, if you are really a geek for titles, or want to hear one, I tend to refer to this painting as “that one with the woman and kids and the candles”… lol

Anyways, this painting has a pretty deep meaning to it. It was inspired by a picture I saw in a National Geographic magazine, and it’s about struggle. It depicts a woman struggling to make ends meet with her children in a cold desolate land. It is a painting very much about strength and hope, but also about despair and poverty. Her children are huddling close to her, as she looks off into the distance, scanning the landscape, or perhaps losing herself to her own thoughts. I painted the candles to not only make the situation seem even more dire, but to also provide a sense of warmth and balance. They are supposed to bring light to the people’s faces and make it seem like there still might be hope yet, because hope doesn’t die until the last candle burns out. But even then, the stars will still be there to guide the way.


A painting of a magical blue rose full of stars in a fantasy building that resembles Greek architecture.
A Magical Blue Rose, by Sam Perin.

This painting of a blue rose is one that holds a special meaning for me. For reasons I don’t particularly want to discuss, blue flowers have come to hold a special place in my life. They are magical and majestic, but also a bit sad and melancholy. They are incredibly rare, and have a certain feeling to them that I can’t quite explain. This blue rose was a mostly unplanned painting that I created on a whim. It just kind of happened, and I think it turned out pretty well. It is one of my favorite paintings that I have completed this month.


A vibrant painting of a magical wizard girl with brown eyes who is casting a fire spell.
Fire Wizard, by Sam Perin.

This painting of a fire wizard was one I completed for an art challenge. A person in a large artist network that I’m part of, posted an image of one of her works and asked us to complete the face in our own style. Thus, this painting was born. It is very heavily inspired by shows like Avatar and other fantasy works. I wanted to make it look like she had just discovered her powers, so she almost seems to be playfully curious about the fire that has conjured around her fingers.


A beautiful vibrant beach sunset painting with palm trees and grass and waves.
A painting of a beach sunset, by Sam Perin.

A work I completed for a friend of mine. It’s a beautiful serene sunset on a beach. He wanted an image that he could use as the backdrop for his large screen tv, so that he’d have a nice picture hanging on his wall. I think this one turned out pretty well. Admittedly, the colors are a bit odd (meaning they aren’t a hundred percent realistic), but I like how they work together to create mood. I wanted to really make it feel like you were actually standing on the beach watching the waves roll in. Ahh it’s been so long since I’ve been to the beach haha.


A painting of a wizard practicing vibrant plant and druid magic in a wizarding college.
A wizard at a magical institute, by Sam Perin

This is a painting I completed for fun. There was no particular reason behind this one, other than to portray something inspirational. I really wanted to practice buildings, so I kind of went all out with the background. It is reminiscent of something from Harry Potter. Perhaps she’s some sort of teacher doing a demonstration for her students?

The colors I chose for this painting involve a lot of purple and yellow, and the reason I chose these two specific colors, is because when they are coupled together as accents, they really help to bring out a magical feeling in a piece.

A vibrant and soft painting of a woman who is smiling over a mountain landscape.
A painting of Derya Isik, by Sam Perin.

This is a piece that I completed for a friend of mine on request. She’s also an artist and uses a lot of reds and maroons in her pieces, so I wanted to incorporate that into the piece some how. She ended up really liking the piece, and I’m proud of how it turned out. The mountains in the background feel really soft, and her face vibrantly shines like she is really smiling. One of the reasons for this is because I used a bunch of different colors like blue, green, and red for the shadows, rather than using a single flat color.

A painting of a girl who is falling apart into vibrantly colored galactic puzzle pieces.
A painting of Vivian Zheng, by Sam Perin.

The final piece I completed in July was another painting that was requested by a friend of mine. I had told her about the idea for the painting, and she wanted to be the model for it, so this painting was born. It depicts a girl falling into a puzzle. This painting is representative of how confusing people can be. That sometimes we are all like puzzles, and that we are all simple yet complicated at the same time. This painting has been heavily influenced by events in my own life and my friends’ lives.

In conclusion

So, those are my favorite works from July. Since I don’t always explain every detail of the paintings I create or the reasons behind them on my Instagram or on my portfolio page, I thought it’d be fun to go over them and give a bit of context to each of them. I hope that you enjoyed looking at them, and have an amazing day!

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Admiring Duoreply
August 3, 2018 at 3:10 am

The painting of Derya Isik is superb! A real flesh and blood emotional tone!

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