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  • A profile portrait of a woman in a white outfit that is from Victorian times.

    A Portrait

    I painted this profile from my imagination for fun. I was heavily inspired by artists like Zorn and Sargent and also by Victorian and Gothic influences. I tried to focus on movement and used lost and blurred edges to create a sense of motion in the piece.

  • A painting of a couple embracing on a rainy day as a futuristic bus drives up to take one of them away.

    Those Days

    Those Days is a piece inspired by relationships in the modern world. I wanted to explore ideas related to modern technology, social isolation, and hope. It was inspired by a few experiences of mine and things that I have been thinking about recently. I think I may make more like this in the future. I feel like it’s an important topic to think about. The piece itself has a much…

  • A painting of a steampunk gunslinger in a desert town.


    X is a character in one of my buddy’s DnD games, so I decided to illustrate them. X is a hot headed gunslinger that does crazy and chaotic things in order to get what they want. I had a lot of fun painting this one and tried to make it feel very dynamic.

  • An illustration of an princess alchemist who is about to be confronted by a government official.

    The Alchemist

    This is a piece I created for one of Angel Ganev’s weekly Sketch With Angel series on Instagram. I tried to focus on telling a story in this one. My intent was to focus on grouping and paths. There are a lot of groups of threes in the image and they are supposed to lead your eye around the composition like a guide. What do you think is going on…