August’s Art Showcase

The month of August was a pretty crazy month for me! I started university, learned a lot about myself, met a bunch of new people, and really honed in on what it means to me to be an artist. During this month I completely reformed my style, and retrained myself in color theory. So today, I would like to showcase the evolution of my work throughout the last month.


A painting of a seagull that is in front of a vibrant sunset with a piece of trash around his neck.
A commentary on pollution, by Sam Perin.

This first painting is a piece I completed for a friend of mine. It’s based off of a meme of a seagull that had a carryout container around it. From what I understand the inspiration for this piece is a pretty popular image, however, I’ve turned it into a commentary on pollution and trash. The bird is still standing strong even in light of the container around its neck, and it’s looking out over the world hoping for a better future. I think it’s important to be environmentally aware and to treat our world with kindness.

I think that the colors in this piece turned out really well, and honestly I’m pretty pleased with its composition overall. I didn’t use my new favorite yellow in it, but I think the warmer golden yellow I used works well with the general theme that it is trying to portray.


A painting of a man in blue uniform and cloak on a mechanical robotic horse in a fantasy landscape.
A painting depicting a witchen rider as he hunts his next bounty.

This vibrant and chilling piece is based off of a book that I am writing. In recent weeks I’ve shifted much of my non-commission focus to painting scenes from said book. I really want to build out the world visually as well as through written language. This painting depicts a man from a group in the book known as the Witchen Riders. They are bounty hunters that scour the world, taking odd jobs here and there to get the most coin they can.

I think that the composition of this piece turned out really well, however, I may have gone a bit bright with some of the neons in it. Overall, I think it helps to create a very cyberpunk tone that compliments the book’s world.


A painting of three people camping in a science fiction plains area with a lot of grass and rugged terrain, and a storm in the distance.
A painting of relic hunters camping out while they search for hidden treasure.

This is another painting I completed near the beginning of August, and it is also a scene from my book. It depicts a group of people known as relic hunters who go out and search the world for lost relics and technologies, and then sell them on the black market. The people in the painting are named characters, and their names are (from left top to right bottom), Lisa, Ex, and Bill.

I tried to make the landscape feel really gritty in this one to convey the wild aspect of the world that they live in. I think the fractured earth looks really cool and creates a sense of adventure. When you couple that with the huge thunder heads in the distance, I feel like it helps to make the world seem that it is on the edge of something intense.


A painting of a vibrant fallen angel fire girl who is flying through the starry sky.
A painting of a girl who is flying through the sky using fire magic.

This painting is where everything really started to change in regards to my style. Previously, I had been using a very limited color pallet, but very recently I retrained myself in the craft of colors. Due to this, I have gone back to using the full color wheel because I now feel confident in my ability to pick and choose the correct colors without limiting myself.

This piece was created for a client, and he wanted something very fantasy styled and awesome. I think it turned out really well, and I am very pleased with how the colors ended up looking. The things that I learned in my time reteaching myself color were completely invaluable, and I think I may write an article about it in the coming months.


A painting of an astronaut who is in front of an alien world in space with alien tentacles and the world reflecting brightly in her visor.
An astronaut who has perhaps gone to places a bit too far from home.

Combining all of the new skills I had developed and building on the ideas I had already established, I finally created my last piece for the month of August. Like many of my other works this month, this piece is one from my book. However, I can’t explain it’s meaning because that would spoil a lot of things. Just know that the UOP went too far.

Overall, I was very pleased with how this piece turned out. I really like how the colors balance out with each other and create a very soft glowing effect on her suit. Her hand that is reaching out really looks like it is coming out of the page.

When I completed this piece, I decided that I would do something I’d always wanted to do but had just never gotten around to before, and that is animate it! So, I fired up a few other applications that I had and went to work. It took a pretty long time to do, but I think it was worth it in the end. The animation seems to have brought new life to the piece. The wonders of digital art!

An animation of an astronaut who is in front of an alien world in space with alien tentacles and the world reflecting brightly in her visor.
A gif I created of one of my earlier paintings depicting an astronaut who has perhaps gone to places a bit too far from home.

In conclusion, I think that I will continue to explore my use of color and my use of animation in the future. I’m very pleased with how my first animated painted turned out, and it is something that I feel I can use to really help convey visual ideas in my next projects to come. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope that you have a wonderful day!

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