Samuel Perin


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Environment Sketches

I work to create a strong sense of world building in the environments I paint. Much of my process involves researching real life and imagined locations in order to implement thought out design solutions to my work. I focus greatly on value structure and value mapping in order to give my environments a very strong thumbnail footprint.

Concept Works

Here are a few examples of my previous visual development works. I design with both form and function in mind in order to create holistic solutions that not only bring emotional weight to a piece but also feel like they could actually exist in the real world.

Narrative Illustrations and Mood Pieces

I put a strong emphasis on environment and how atmosphere can tell a story. I flip the classic “environment is character” motto around and instead prefer to say “character is environment”. I focus primarily on strong value structure in my narrative works by using shape language and lighting in order to tell a story and create visual connotative weight.