A vibrant painting of a blue mountain flower illuminated by the setting sun.

A Blue Flower

Blue flowers are mysterious. They are magical. They are mystical. Perhaps they are even a bit melancholy. They can truly be whatever you see them as. But one thing is for certain, they are definitely rare. Blue is a color that is scarcely seen in the natural world. Whether it be in flowers, or birds, or people, or animals, most things just are not blue. But yet it is such a beautiful and mysterious color. Throughout history it has been used as a highly valued dye among all ranks of society. The likes of kings and queens have boasted its illustrious beauty, while it has been simultaneously adorned by farmers saturating their indigo overalls.

A vibrant painting of a blue mountain flower illuminated by the setting sun.
Blue Mountain Flower, by Sam Perin.

Blue is a magical color. It has mystery and it forms creativity. It makes people think of the sky, of space, of water, of peace, and perhaps tranquility. It is a color that is more complicated than any other, yet so soft and simple that it can lull a crying child softly to sleep. It is a color of peace, a color of knowledge, and a color of inspiration.

Conversely, it can be the color of depression. One of deep thought, and loss and sadness. It can represent that which hides in all of our minds. The darkness. An underlying pain that can seem to strike in an instant. Perhaps it could even represent a dissatisfaction with the world in whole. Hence the saying, “I’ve got the blues.”

It’s a truly versatile color. It means so much, yet for almost all of history it has never even been a unique idea. Many cultures, even today, represent blue as a shade of green and vice versa. Even if many of us see the two as entirely unique experiences, it has not been that way forever. For blue, in all of its remarkable glory, used to be banished to the realms of oblivion.

Blue is the unseen color, yet, it has always been part of who we are as a global society. It is part of who we are as individuals.

Blue is within all of us.

The flower above is a blue flower, yes. But what does it mean to you? Is it a lonely flower, dangling in the wind, above cold pink mountains, just waiting to find those who are like it or something it can relate with at last? Is it sad? Is it alone? Or is it an inspiration? Does it serve as the single guide to a lost traveler hoping to find her way home? Is it perhaps the sacred flower of some long lost culture that has been forgotten to time? Or is it the flower that adorns a mysterious nation we’ve never dreamt existed? Who knows. It is up to you. And that is the point of blue. Imagine, create, and think out of the box. For blue is what you make of it.

For me, blue is sentimental. I have a long history with blue. It’s rooted deeply in my mind. It is not my favorite color, no, but it is my most emotional color. It is a color that has left deep gashes throughout the layers of our past, and one that has personally been ingrained in my mind in a certain way. For me, it is the color of remembrance, the color of sadness, and the color of deja vu. It represents times that were good, but have long come to pass. It represents a world that does not exist anymore, a place that is out of reach.

But, above all, it represents inspiration. It represents strength and individuality to me. It is a color I hold dearly close to my heart, and one that I have come to cherish throughout my time and experiences.

It is a color that will forever remain, well, blue.

So, what will you do with blue?


Thank you so much for reading this quick post, it means a lot to me. Have a great day!

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