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Castle Yawgsegoth

Castle Yawgsegoth is an unassuming castle tucked away deep within the twisting mountains of Gremlich. Some say the castle holds deep secrets, others say its inhabitants have gone mad. Rumor has it that once you enter through the doors if Yawgsegoth you never return the same again.

The Elder Scrolls: Valenwood

Role: I helped lead our team in establishing how we wanted Valenwood to feel, and what fundamental shapes, colors, and design languages could intuitively make our players “feel Valenwood’s soul” without a single piece of dialogue.

I put a very strong emphasis on shape language and design thinking for these works, always asking myself: who, how, why, what, and where? My goal was to tell a visual history and story through a cohesive design language we developed. I put a lot of emphasis on telling the player who and what the people and environment are visually, so that when the player steps into the locations of Valenwood they subconsciously understand who and what lives there, if they are dangerous or helpful, and become completely immersed in the world through visual story telling and design alone.

We had to tackle many design challenges in this project due to the fact that the Woodelves could not use plants for any of their tools or creations. We had to figure out how bows and arrows for example could be made without wood, and how a society could develop without the use of plants at all and what that would look like.

This project is not affiliated with Bethesda Software. It is an independent modding project created by a team of volunteers.

Breach of Space

Breach of Space is a game about trying to keep your head as you explore procedurally generated dungeons that change depending on your player’s sanity level. As the concept artist on this project I was tasked with determining the design direction for the project, and what each dungeon looks like at each level of insanity. I also helped design the game’s systems and narrative.

Otto’s Quest for the Legendary Fish

This project was created to be fully built and rendered in 3d by an environment artist. It went through many design iterations, and I had to act as my own art director in order to establish the shape language, and stylistic look and feel of Otto’s environment. This project presented many design challenges such as rudimentary technology to warn Otto of oncoming fish and lifestyle props to showcase his personality through the environment itself.

<h3 style=”font-weight: lighter; font-family: unna; text-align: center;”>Illustration and Concept Art</h3>
Various work I’ve done for clients and personal projects over the years.

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